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Scribbled on the bathroom wall
From him to her, to the bathroom wall
Another secret splashed up for the world to see
Each time you tear it down
Back it comes, in greater numbers
It'll jump out at you when you least expect it
Displaying what you "really" are
For the whole world to see
Just another gossip
Todays newspaper, tomorrows fish and chip wrappers
Just because you forget
Doesn't mean I will.
:iconlil-monkey-94:lil-monkey-94 1 0
This is handy. by lil-monkey-94 This is handy. :iconlil-monkey-94:lil-monkey-94 1 2
No expectations
But a hope. A prayer.
Just for a kiss
Maybe today
Move slowly closer
But quickly apart
No expectations
Just a total yearning
Having to sit on my hands
Maybe today
Today I have to run away.
No expectations
I should just do it
It's only a kiss
Maybe today
The chicken clucks
Maybe tomorrow.
:iconlil-monkey-94:lil-monkey-94 0 8
Supposedly a Love Poem
It didn't happen straight away.
It wasn't a brick falling on my head
There was no "fated to be together"
And it certainly wasn't "Love at first sight"
Who can say if it's love anyway.
But somewhere in muffled background conversation
I can manage to hear his name.
Teased and taunted
Without doing anything to warrant it
But wishing you could make that smile happen
Childish daydreams of kids names
Mingled in with slightly more adult ones
Moments of awkward, and idiotic behavior
Mix with moments where everything seem just right
And then I reveal far too much
In what is supposedly
A love poem
:iconlil-monkey-94:lil-monkey-94 1 4
The street never seemed different. Tall and blonde, they both walked arm in arm. They never had a moment of "something isn't right." Everything was completely the same. But as they climbed the steps, they heard not a sound. This night the dogs didn't bark, but a high pitched cry, a small child it would seem, could be heard echoing through the streets, beautifully, mournfully. The cars from the main street, only a row of houses over, could still be heard, but they were not businessmen returning home late, no partying youths. They drove with purpose. The street lamps came on as usual. Then, as the clock struck midnight, the lights all went off. After that point there was no sound whatsoever. That tall blonde couple had a knock at the door at two o'clock that morning. They remember nothing after that.
:iconlil-monkey-94:lil-monkey-94 0 0
Alphabet Poem-Soup
Achieved, but certain devices exceptionally failed
Gallantly he ignited joy-killing lahars
Moving now, openly ponderous, questioning randomly
Suddenly, terrific ultra-violet water xylophones yelped zealously.
Already bored, comaing, dull expatriots felt great hate ignite joyously.
Kinked links murmered nicely.
Originally pink quinces ran south.
Terrifying Ursulla violently waited.
Xenophobic, yet Zen.
Acidic burns
Chronic Disease
Externally Flumoxed
Gaiety Hidden, Ignored
Jealous Kittens
Lovingly Morbid
Nightly Orgasms
Pious Queen
Rocking Signals
Taiwanese Urn
Vivid Writings
X-Ray Yellow Zips.
:iconlil-monkey-94:lil-monkey-94 0 2
Blank Slate
She stands out by standing in the corner by herself, watching everyone bustle around her.
She's completely different, but only someone who'd never been around her could tell.
She stands alone without showing any emotion, but they all know there is something going on, and so they avoid her.
She doesn't quite know if she should care.
She's one of the few with a mind of her own, but she doesn't know how to use it.
She isn't sucked in by their music and their fads. She isn't sucked in by anything
She's bland, dull, a blank slate.
Yet no-one can mold her
She's unhappy.
She can't help it, she can't truly hide it.
Longing can no longer describe it. Yearning can't begin to cover it.
All that is left of her is the deepest unyielding desire to be something again.
:iconlil-monkey-94:lil-monkey-94 0 2
Three Beats Behind.
Melancholy spinster.
Spinning romantic ideals through her fingers, each one slipping past.
Feelings of inadaquecy linger long after the ought to have been dismissed.
Never quite bringing herself to cry.
Can't show that single tear of defeat
Long gone is the feeling of lips on hers
Not even a true memory remains
Just the phantom of a memory
Not quite sure if it's real,
If it actually really happened.
And how much was missed?
How much went to waste?
A year trying not to hurt him
Now left isolated, awkward and unsure.
Timing never was quite right.
Two beats ahead of everyone else.
Now suddenly three beats behind.
Twenty eight minutes to midnight.
:iconlil-monkey-94:lil-monkey-94 0 2
Friends With Benefits
All Friends Come With Benefits.
Laughter, Presents, Vodka, Bortsch
Roses, Kisses, Chocolate, Bortsch
Slav, Hippy, Horsey, Bortsch
Crazy, Nerdy, Ginger, Bortsch
Cabbage, Cabbage, Algebra, Bortsch.
Dumbledore, Snape, Maybe one day a Porstch
Obama, Social Studies, and the Beatles.
Demetri, Surprise, Queenie, Sounds
Slav, Beach, Cabbage Bortsch
Genius y Dos Gallinas Gordas.
Yoga, Shoeless, Dancing, <3
"Watch as she attempts to secure herself a mate"
All Friends Come With Benefits.
:iconlil-monkey-94:lil-monkey-94 0 14
Dumped in a Mc Donalds
With a sardonic smile he sat
Watching her take yet another calorie-soaked bite
She, blissfully unaware, would smile sweetly,
Between mouthful and slurp.
His disdain grows, her ignorance never falters.
"Its over"
He says and he bolts.
Girl, left choking on her own disbelief
Left, sitting dumbstruck
Amongst the morbidly obese and lovestruck teens
Left with just a half-eaten burger and bereft with disappointment
Her sugar-spoiled face breaks
Left crying in a McDonalds
:iconlil-monkey-94:lil-monkey-94 0 4
Goodbye Crush, Hello Nothing
I haven't felt like this in years
Since maybe I was a seven year old.
All fun,
All games.
No romance.
For one person there is no yearning
No one that causes a jumping heart
No one to with that they wanted you in return
No one who's name causes you to sit up and listen
No one, not a soul.
There is little, but a small feeling of loss.
A yearning for there to be someone
It's far easier to miss someone who is there, then to wish for someone who isn't.
:iconlil-monkey-94:lil-monkey-94 1 12
One, Two, Three.
Roses the colour of mud stand ironically along the ailse
Waltzing mournfully in the wind and rain
One two three, One two three, One two three
They dance their sad dance, with not a soul to watch
Abandoned, stood up, left at the alter.
One two three, One two three, One two three
Sepia toned and visually lifeless
Anonymously with out company, lonesome, morse.
One two three, One two three, One two three
No one notices, nor do they care.
Just leave the roses to their
One two three, One two three, One two three
:iconlil-monkey-94:lil-monkey-94 0 0
Romance is our Downfall
Love seems pointless for those this young.
The literature of the Brontes, Ms Austin, and Ms Meyer,
They all preach not just romance, but unfaltering infatuation, and love.
But really, why do we allow ourselves to be sucked in?
Some would argue it teaches us about life, and love
But should we be allowed to expect such things out of a relationship as teenagers?
Or at any age in fact.
Does it not give us unrealistic expectations of our peers?
How many broken hearts could've been prevented if Pride and Prejudice had never been read, or even published?
How many romances could've been amicably settled instead of ended through tears of rage and disappointment?
And how many men and women would be married?
Instead of casting aside potential partners, in hope of a Darcy, Rochester or Cullen.
How many marriages could've lasted a little while longer, if our minds hadn't been filled with the ideals of a perfect partner.
Romance is redundant.
Love, just as pointless.
All that is left now is to wait
:iconlil-monkey-94:lil-monkey-94 0 10
Doesn't fit: don't wear it
The easiest way to screw up a friendship is to develop a crush
Falling head over heels isn't romantic anymore, its just clumsy
There is no fun in wanting exactly what you can't have
If the shoe doesn't fit don't buy it
No matter how much you want it, no matter how hard you try, it isn't going to work.
Falling for someone is like holding on to a dress that you've grown out of. Pointless, and a waste of space.
We don't have love anymore. Just lust and heartbreak.
:iconlil-monkey-94:lil-monkey-94 0 4
Three Nights Worth of Sleep
Already hazy, another morning begins
Sleep deprived blur, only slightly helped by black frames
Falling down stairs certainly helps wake you up
Dehydrated from sheer lack of sleep
Headache growing, spreading
This time it's not smiling that will make you face ache
There is no reason, no reason not to nod off
Yet there's some exhilaration behind it
Like being five trying to play the babysitter
Exhaustion is a terrible master
Especially as it is one so easily cured
Only those idiotic with courage try to conquer it
:iconlil-monkey-94:lil-monkey-94 0 3
Woodend Beach at 5:30am
Staring at the sky
Waiting for inspiration
Something to take hold
Watching grey clouds, perfectly stationary,
Moving through the shades
Sand graffitied by footprints
Sea birds, dogs, humans
Starting and ending, and over-lapping
Never permanent,
But always there
Pine scent drift
Churned and mixed up by the sea
Waves harmonize
With the morning chorus
And the voices of plans and laughter
How easy a sleepless night
Makes six in the morning
Seem an overcast afternoon
Frozen toes make it hard to stay
:iconlil-monkey-94:lil-monkey-94 1 2



New Zealand
Current Residence: Christchurch
Favourite genre of music: Acoustic/Old School Rock
Favourite style of art: Photography
Operating System: Apple even though I have vista D=
MP3 player of choice: iPod Mini
Favourite cartoon character: Donald Duck <3
Personal Quote: Dana gets the joke
  • Watching: Boston Legal
  • Eating: Chocolate Chip Cookies
Honestly, what's on your mind? This quiz and the episode of boston legal I'm watching
Honestly, what are you doing right now? This quiz & Watching Boston Legal
Honestly, who is your best friend? I have a group of them xD Poppy, Henrieta, Dana, Ziz, Alex & Hanna
Honestly, have you done something bad today? I slept till 11 and skipped breakfast?
Honestly, do you watch Disney channel?  Occasionally, yes.
Honestly, who is the last person you talked to on the phone? My Mum xD
Honestly, are you jealous of someone right now? Nope
Honestly, what makes you mad most of the time? People being too cool
Honestly, do you bite your nails? Rarely
Honestly, do you want to see someone this very moment? Duh, I miss my friends
Honestly, are you keeping a big secret right now? Nope, I'm shit at keeping secrets, and I never know anything really big xD
Honestly, do you have a friend you don't actually like? No, otherwise they wouldn't actually be my friend - I'm just going to agree with Dana on that one.
Honestly, does anyone like you? Well, I'm suspecting my boyfriend does :P

Can you blow a bubble? Yup
Can you dance? Possibly, but I'm definately the master of the time warp.
Can you do a cart wheel? Only on one side! I recently discovered I can only cartwheel on my left side
Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth? Nope, and I've never seen anyone do it
Can you touch your toes? Just, without bending my knees xD
Can you whistle? Very VERY poorly.
Can you wiggle your ears? Nope
Can you wiggle your nose? Nope
Can you roll your tongue? Yup
Can you make a clover with your tongue? Nope

What's the worst thing you've done when you were mad? Um. . . I've possibly damaged the wall slamming a door
Ever made anyone cry when you were mad? I hope not!
Do you swear when you're mad? I try not too around my parents xD

Ever really cried your heart out? Yes
Ever cried yourself to sleep? Yes
Ever cried on your friend's shoulder? Yes
Ever cried over someone of the same sex? Yup
Do you cry when you get an injury? I used to, but not anymore
Do certain songs make you cry? Yes, quite a few =P
Do certain movies make you cry? Yes, many.
Have you ever cried in a book? Yes, many

Are you usually a happy person? Yup
What makes you the happiest?Hanging out with my friends, and shoes xD
Does being with your friends make you happy? Of course!
Do you believe in yourself? Yup
Do you wish you were happier? Nope
Is being happy overrated? Gosh no!
Can music make you happy? Yup, almost always

How many times have you had your heart broken? None. I've been a little crushed, but never broken
Have you ever loved someone so much that you'd die for them? Of course
Has anyone besides your friends/family ever said 'I love you' to you? Yes
Do you actually hate anyone? No
Ever made a hit list? Yes xD
Have you ever been on a hit list? I hope not, but probably xD
Are you a mean bully? I don't think I'm a bully!
Do you hate George Bush? Yes, but hate is a very strong word

Is your self-esteem extremely low? Nope
Do you wish you could be someone else? Never once

What is your current hair color? Red Brown
Current piercings? One in each ear
Have any tattoos? Nope
Straight hair or curly? Wavy?
What shirt are you wearing? Plaid multi-coloured shirtdress
Pants? Tights
Necklace? Nope.

Have you ever...
Hugged someone? Of course!
Been on the phone until the sun came up? Nope
Laughed so hard you cried? Yeah
Got in a fight with someone? Yup
Been on a plane? Yup
Been asked out by someone? Yes
Been to the ocean? Chyeah, of course!
Painted your nails? Yup

Person you talked to in person? My sister
Person you talked to online? Alex
Person you talked to on the phone? My Mum
Person you hugged? Either Dana or Katie. I can't remember.
Person you kissed? Dana on the cheek.
Person you hung out with? Dana & Tom and his friends
Time you slept in all morning? Today xD
Thing you had to drink: A glass of sprite.
Movie you watched: Um. . . Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I do believe
Person you took pictures of: Dana, yesterday, the perfect semi formal dress!
Do you like surveys? Sure
Do you get along with your parents? Yup
Do you have mental breakdowns? Er, no.

The Present
Current mood: Happy!
Current music: None
Current hair style: Down
Current crush: My boyfriend xD
Current thing I ought to be doing: Walking the dog and homework
Current windows open: Safari & MSN
Current desktop picture: A Beatles vector
Current book: Angels and Demons - Dan Brown

Did you ever...
Get into a fist fight in school? Play fighting, often xD
Run away from home?  Never
Want to be a doctor? After a serious Greys Anatomy and House faze, yes xD
Want to be a fire fighter? Nope

Do you...
Know how to swim? Yup
Like roller coasters? As long as they don't go upside down -.-
Own a bike? Yup
Think you could eat the stuff on those reality shows? No way

Your car get good gas mileage? No car
Your family have family picnics? Nope

Old are you? 15
Tall are you? 5'4 - Just!
Much money do you have on you right now? None, and in my wallet is 70 cents

Are you listening to? The episode of boston legal I'm watching
Is the weather outside? Cloudy
Radio station do you listen to? None really


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